Birth and death: I was born in 1967, on 11.11. at 1111 o'clock. Hoping that I'll be 111 years old is too optimistic. I'm lucky that I did not die in 2011.

My childhood and youth I spent alternately in Germany and Greece, alternating between German and Greek schools. That was varied and maybe sometimes difficult, but it was never boring - the best of all mothers (my mom) made it possible for me, and later also for my 11 years younger brother, with great strength and wit, to have a wonderful childhood and youth - even if we did not always thank her, of course.

I was just 12 years old when we spent a night on the beach (because the handful of guest rooms that existed in the bay were all occupied) with a German teacher in August in a secluded bay where there was still no electricity, on the island of Sifnos in Greece. As night fell, an indescribable starry sky unfolded, and with the knowledge that the teacher could mediate, the stars got 3 dimensions.

Earlier, when I was about 6 years old, two speaker magnets were my favorite toy. How could I not have been interested in physics later? - Fate sometimes goes cruel ways. There is a child that has all the possibilities that exist...

After many detours, I started to study physics, but after some more detours, I finally had to stop.

From then on, it was occasionally quite unpleasant, but the physics has always accompanied me - until today.