Zur allgemeinen Fernwirkung (1998, only in German)

A dynamic structuring of the space (2000)

The analysis of space interactions by the special relativity theory (2007)

Magnetism and Gravitation as a result of geometric changes in the electric field caused by the translation of the charges (2008)

Theory of Objects of Space (2009)

A theoretical gravitational wave detector (2009)

The weight change of a body in connection with the electrical tension (2010)

Gravitation by quantized longitudinal electrical waves (2011)

Unsymmetrische Wirkung (2012, only German)

The magnetic effect as a result of the speed dependent alteration of the electrical field  (2013)

The Gravitation As An Electric Effect (2014)

The magnetism as an electric angle-effect (2014)

Magnetism as an electric angle-effect and gravitation as an electric effect (2015)

On The Origin of Magnetism And Gravitation And On The Nature of Electricity And Matter (2016)

The duality of the mass as a basis of the field-forces (2017)

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