Anyone who is fascinated by gravitation and is open to new ideas will find interesting suggestions in this paper.

The general theory of relativity is stunning, but in physics, there are always several ways to look at a phenomenon. - It is similar to the phenomenal painting of an almighty artist: we can look at his work in the forest in the moonlight, or we analyze it under the microscope, or we look at each color in turn, or we burn it and look at the smoke... we always see different aspects of his work, but we never understand what the artist was thinking.

The happy search for answers has shown early and rather unexpectedly (though it seems obvious in retrospect) that we live in an electric world, in a world of elementary electric charges. Even gravitation is an electrical effect, which makes the chapter on gravitation shorter (it can not be denied) than that on the electric force.

The electrical world for its turn consists (as well as everything else) in the very last consequence solely of space-time. This is possible because space-time is unimaginably diverse - who would have thought that.

Step by step, we learn that the inertial mass is nothing more than oscillations of the space-time fields of the elementary electric charges; for the electric force, space-densities are added; the magnetic force is only an angle; gravitation is explained almost purely geometrically; and electromagnetic waves are only indirect electrical.

But few words can not replace many words - if the many words tell a lot...

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